Euromed Centrum Rehabilitacji - kombinezon rehabilitacyjny


All year rehabilitation center.
Therapeutical suit EUROSUIT.
We are the authors, not imitators.

Euromed Centrum Rehabilitacji - UGUL

Universal Room of Medical Improvement

… the UGUL cage professionally used by our specialists gives exceptional results.
Euromed Centrum Rehabilitacji - UBSB


Lateral Hip Stabilization Device

The hip is the most mobile joint in the lower extremity. It moves in many different planes. In UBSB we teach to sit, crawl, walk and stand.
Euromed Centrum Rehabilitacji - buty wibrostymulacyjne

Vibrostimulating shoes

Specialized vibrostimulating shoes and a computer program – an innovative method of rehabilitation developed by Euromed.
Euromed Centrum Rehabilitacji - buty wibrostymulacyjne

Metrical stabilizing platform

The effects of therapy on the metrical stabilizing platform are improvement in the patient’s concentration, as well as more conscious body balance control, balance and protective reflexes when the patient is moving.
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centrum rehabilitacji euromed - kombinezon rehabilitacyjny

pioneering rehabilitation methods

We are leaders

The idea of using the suit comes from Russia from the times when lengthy space travels were popular. The role of the suit was mainly to counteract and prevent the negative effects of lack of gravitation in space.

In the early 90-th scientists and doctors found the suit to be a very effective rehabilitation device for patients suffering from cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries and other locomotor disorders.

As a result of numerous research and trials a prototype named Penguin was created, which after modifications was introduced into medical treatment and named ADELI.

In 2008, the Euromed Rehabilitation Center in Poland developed and implemented the EuroSuit – an improved version of its predecessors, which proves that we use pioneering methods of rehabilitation.

Euromed Rehabilitation Center

… we deal with rehabilitation and medical improvement of adult and child patients suffering from disorders of the central nervous system of various etiologies. We use pioneering methods of rehabilitation.


Euromed Centrum Rehabilitacji - kombinezon rehabilitacyjny
Euromed Centrum Rehabilitacji - kombinezon rehabilitacyjny
Euromed Centrum Rehabilitacji - kombinezon rehabilitacyjny
Euromed Centrum Rehabilitacji - piktogram

of pathological
alignment of body parts

of proprioceptive stimuli

Therapeutic suit

allows patients to gain many new experiences related to the sense of awareness of their own body and its behavior in movement and space.

The suit’s system of elastic tendons is individually adjusted, depending on the dysfunction, and allows for the maximum correction of the pathological position of the body parts, and enables the tension adjustment of individual muscle groups of the torso and lower limbs.

This affects the production of so-called proprioreceptive stimuli. , i.e. from muscles, tendons and joints. Our pioneering methods of rehabilitation give excellent results.


Euromed Centrum Rehabilitacji - UGUL
Euromed Centrum Rehabilitacji - UGUL
Euromed Centrum Rehabilitacji - piktogram


range of motion
in joint



The room is equipped…

with cages for resistance exercises and suspensions. The exercises in UGUL consist in performing movements in joints with an alleviation of the trained segment of the body.

The exercises carried out in UGUL help prevent contractures, increase range of motion in joints, counteract atrophy and cause an increase in muscle strength.

In UGUL Gym positioning exercises are performed, which are to relax the spastic muscles and to decrease pathological reflexes.

The suspension of the whole body, which globally relaxes the muscles, is also performed in this gym. Each part of the body is suspended with the use of ropes and suspensions attached to the frame or cage.


Euromed Centrum Rehabilitacji - UBSB
centrum rehabilitacji euromed - UBSB
centrum rehabilitacji euromed - UBSB

Euromed Centrum Rehabilitacji - piktogram

of the shoulder girdle



elasticity of muscles
affected by contractures

and circulatory capacity

general fitness
and condition

Thanks to the use of

elastic cords working on the stabilization of the body in various positions, with partial or full weight bearing on lower extremities is possible.

It facilitates the development and mastering functional skills such as sitting, crawling, standing and walking.

UBSB is designed for exercises stimulating balance reflexes. A patient undergoes the therapy in UBSB gym while being well stabilized and he has a feeling of safety. He performs the sets of exercises that improve control of pelvic movements with special attention paid to static and dynamic stabilization in the frontal plane.

During the exercises the patient is made to keep his balance while being stabilized at the upper part of his body (cross pattern exercises of the upper extremities), as well as while being stabilized at the lower part of the body (exercises involving throwing off balance of the torso).

Euromed Centrum Rehabilitacji - 25 lat doświadczenia - ikona

25 years of experience

Thanks to many years of experience we are among the leaders of effective rehabilitation.

Euromed Centrum Rehabilitacji - pacjenci z całego świata - ikona

Patients from all over the world

Patients from 57 countries participate in our therapy sessions.

Euromed Centrum Rehabilitacji - skuteczna opieka - ikona

Effective care

Personalized approach to patients gives the best results.



Euromed Centrum Rehabilitacji - buty wibrostymulacyjne
Euromed Centrum Rehabilitacji - piktogram



Vibrostimulating shoes

This specialist device which has been built exclusively for our Center, together with a computer program, is designed to evoke impulsation going to the brain and stimulating reactions felt in the area of the feet during ambulation. This phenomenon is important in preparations for gait training, as well as for reducing and neutralizing pain when vibrations are directed at a specific area.


Euromed Centrum Rehabilitacji - platforma stabilometryczna
Euromed Centrum Rehabilitacji - platforma stabilometryczna
Euromed Centrum Rehabilitacji - piktogram

of center
of preassure
of feet (COP)

in concentration


in coordinantion
of movements

Metrical stabilizing paltform

The Euromed Rehabilitation Center offers a new therapy with the application of The Metrical Stabilizing Platform.
It is a training of body control based on biofeedback which monitors shifting of the body weight and stabilization while a patient is in motion.
Thanks to the involvement of deep muscles, this kind of training improves proprioception and thanks to the brain integration it facilitates correct patterns  of movement.

The training on the platform gives the possibility of body weight analysis while performing exercises as well as enables the therapist to estimate the position and weight bearing of the center of patient’s feet while carrying out exercises. This therapy is not only well tolerated by the patients but it’s also fun.

The effect of treatment on the metrical stabilizing platform is improvement in focus, balance and defence reflexes as well as coordination of movements and balance control.

AND electrostimulation

Euromed Centrum Rehabilitacji - elektrostymulacja

Functional stimulation is used in therapy in patients with muscle dysfunction, neuromuscular diseases, after injuries and strokes.

The purpose of functional stimulation is to regenerate the nerves and to improve central control over the function of muscles or organs.


Euromed Centrum Rehabilitacji - multiterapia

For multitherapy treatment we use a Combi 500 apparatus. It is a new generation device which produces all kinds of currents and it enables to combine therapies (so called combined therapy).

During one set of treatments for a particular case the designated kind of current along with ultrasounds may be applied at the same time.

in the Gross Apparatus

Euromed Centrum Rehabilitacji - aparat Grossa

During treatment in the Gross Apparatus, the patient wears a harness suspended on a guide bar.

This device helps the patient in assuming the vertical position and gait training as well as carrying out other exercises with full or partial weight bearing on lower extremities.

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