Euromed Centrum Rehabilitacji - kryteria kwalifikacji

Qualification Criteria

Each patient thinking about therapy at Euromed should meet the below listed general qualification criteria:

  • patients minimum age of 2,5 years
  • minimum height of 84 centimeters

Those parameters are required for therapy in the suit.

Euromed Rehabilitation Center LLC also offers an intensive program of rehabilitation for children up to 2,5 years old but without the suit.

In order to qualify…

… a patient for the therapy in the Euromed Rehabilitation Center LLC the following documentation should be sent to us:

  • X-ray pictures (AP view) of the hip joints or other problematic parts of the body
  • copies of medical reports, eg. OT’s, PT’s, pediatrician’s, neurologist’s, orthopedic
  • current description of the patient’s locomotor abilities.

Please send the documentation to the following address:

Euromed Centrum Rehabilitacji Sp. z o.o.
76-034 CHŁOPY
ul. Kapitańska 61-63

You can also scan the documentation and sent it via email:

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